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In December 2019 we gathered in Pergamino to create the Argentinean group of forage seeds as a local branch of the International Herbage Seed Group. We are a group of people interested in herbage seed related activities: production, processing and commercialization as well as other features related to herbage seeds. We have diverse experience and expertise, working in both the public and private sectors, belonging to different levels of the productive chain.


Our objective is to promote cooperation and communication among people with a strong commitment in activities related to herbage seed production from different climate, geographic regions and uses.


As part of the activities of this group, virtual seminars and webinars are held in virtual meetings of 2 hours duration where the topic of production and quality of megathermal forage seeds is addressed. We have the participation of professionals from the public and private sectors, producers, students and others interested in these topics.Ver más


The International Herbage Seed Group (IHSG) is a group of farmers, researchers, growers, extension specialists and people interested in herbage seed growing and production. The group began as the International Herbage Seed Production Research Group (IHSPRG), which was formed in 1978 following a meeting at the 28th University of Nottingham Easter School in Agricultural Science. After that the IHSG has been holding conferences and workshops routinely in different parts of the world.

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